4 Tips That Will Help You Have Less Bad Days When You’re Unemployed After NSS

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The thing about unemployment in Ghana is that it doesn’t even have to last long to get you down. The period after NSS when everything is still uncertain can get anyone down. If you find yourself feeling blue about being unemployed during the early stages of the job search then here are a few things that probably not doing already.

Create A Routine

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If NSS ended up being particularly stressful for you there’s nothing wrong with taking a break when you’re done. However, after a while of sleeping in every morning, even that can get old. Creating a routine, applying for a target number of jobs every day, exercising or even creating content online helps you fill your days with some activity.

Spend Time Doing Things That Make You Happy

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One thing the NSS blues will have you missing out on is the fact that you have more free time than you’ve ever had since you entered university or even before. There’s no reason that you can’t spend that free time doing things that you actually like. If you want to spend some time binging movies, going out with a friend or picking up old hobbies there’s no reason that you can’t.

Avoid Bad Days By Keeping Busy

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During the period after NSS if you’re unemployed there are still productive ways that you can fill your days. There are several online courses that you can take for absolutely free (5 Free Professional Certifications From Google That Can Help You Land A Job After NSS) or you can find some volunteer programs.

Make Some Money By Freelancing

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Let’s face it, one of the main reasons that you’re going to be feeling down during the period after NSS when you’re still unemployed is because of money. If you want to earn some money while you’re home, here are some guides that will help:

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