October Photo Dump: Beautiful Ghanaians Just Having The Best Of Time

Mawuena. Photo credit: mawuenadatsa/Twitter

As it has become a bit of social media fashion these days, at the end of every month, people take to social media to share the photos they took or posted for the first time during the month.

Photo dumps have become a way for people to revel either in their beauty and/or in the amazing things that happened to them during the month.

Others have been using it to remind or reecho the amazing experiences they had during the month that is just about to end.

For October, Ghanaians are sharing all the awesome photos they took, either, of themselves or of an exciting or memorable activity they participated in.

Though we have had a considerable amount of rainfall this month, it didn’t dampen the mood of many who were just out there living their best lives.

Melanin popping…


Hair – on point, make up – on point, glasses – on point!

Randoms any day.

Get that LLB and have fun too.

It was amazing.

Beautiful photos.

Sending hugs if you need them.


Just being cool.

Celebrating all the wins…

Always the best.

October has been quite a trip… hello November… sweet sweet November.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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