Here’s How Lying On Your CV To Get A Job Can Blowup In Your Face

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During the period after NSS if you’re unemployed things can quickly get worse. Small pressures like your parents and friends asking what you’re doing to find a job and even the news of your mates landing dreamy roles can get to you. In moments of desperation, you might even consider lying on your CV. However, there are some very important reasons why you don’t want to do that.

You’ll Still Have To Go Through An Interview Process

The chances of you being accepted for a role that you’ve applied for based on your CV alone are next to zero. If you lie about having certain skills on your CV and then you get to the interview and you can’t answer simple questions about that skill, that’s going to raise a huge red flag for your interviewers. Most hiring managers will take you out of the running for a role if they find out that you lied on your CV.

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You’re Going To Be Nervous During The Interview

Even without lying on your CV, interviewing for a new role can be nerve-wracking. The added pressure of trying to cover up a lie that you’ve told on your CV can make things overwhelming and have you on edge throughout your entire interview. That’s going to make it difficult to make the kind of impression that you want to make.

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Employers Might Conduct Follow-Up Checks

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Another way that things might go wrong when you lie on your CV is that your potential employers are actually going to check your references. If you lie about previous roles that you’ve had or your performance at other companies, you might get found out when they call to check your references. It’s a whole lot of stress that can be avoided if you just stick to facts on your CV.

If you feel the need to lie on your CV, it usually means that you don’t believe you’re qualified for roles. If you’re unemployed, that can be fixed by taking some online certificate courses, doing internships and volunteering to get some experience and learn some skills.



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