All The Stages Foodies Go Through When They’re Hungry


Food is literally life for these people and if you play with what they eat, they can hurt you. If you’re a true foodie, you’ll be able to relate to all these points.

1. When the first hunger pangs hit, you start searching all around for a snack to hold your stomach until you get proper food

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Even if it’s a biscuit to help you with your predicament, you’ll go out looking for some.

2. If you don’t get any then you start getting angry and frustrated

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If anybody says anything to you, there’s some kind of anger that you didn’t know existed within you until that point and you have to try all you can so you don’t mess up and put all your anger on them just because of hunger.

3. You get a headache

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Even with this headache, people want to be shouting your name up and down at your workplace or at home. All you want is food. Why can’t people just leave you alone to think about where to get some in the shortest possible time before you die of hunger??

4. You start to feel weak

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You can’t even walk. You start breathing fast. It’s like you’ve gotten malaria and you feel like you’ll faint at any point.

5. You get confused


Nothing makes sense anymore and you’ll end up zoning out if you’re in a meeting or if you’re reading something, you would have to put the book down.

6. Despair and reflection


At this point, you want to give up on everything in your life. This is where you start thinking of all the food you wasted. All the food you’ve poured away because you were done eating. Had I known is truly always at last.

7. You can’t think

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If someone needs you to provide answers for something important, they’ll have to look for someone else because your mind is only on how and where to get food within the shortest possible time.

8. Inexplicable joy when you finally get food

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This joy cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. If you’ve never gone through these stages you may not understand the profound nature of this type of joy and inner peace.

Which points do you relate the most with? Let us know in the comments section.


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