6 Annoying Things Ghanaians Need To Stop Doing

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Ghanaians sometimes need to mind their own businesses, especially the older women. There are a number of things that they say or do that they can handle differently but they won’t.

1. Seeing women and asking them if they’re pregnant yet

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This shouldn’t be a greeting. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life and passing comments like these can just make matters worse.

2. Grabbing people by their arms

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Why do you think it’s okay to grab my arm just to draw my attention? This sub is especially for people who sell items in town and in the market.

3. Asking why you’ve gained weight


“Ei this one de3 it’s not good kraa oo. You’ve become obolo ankasa”. Once again, nobody knows what other people are going through and so it’s better to keep mute.

4. Asking why you’ve lost so much weight

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It’s amazing how people just want to be in your business no matter what. How does this bother you? If someone wants to tell you about what they’re struggling with, they will.

5. Looking into someone’s phone in trotro


Just because you can see what’s on the phone doesn’t mean you should actually go ahead and read it.

6. Dipping your hand into people’s food

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This terrible habit should stop! If you weren’t invited to come and eat, don’t go and put your hand in someone’s food! Have some self control.

What else should we have added?

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