4 Ways To Start Making Money As A Freelancer If You’re Unemployed After NSS

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Although it’s infuriating to hear your government tell you to go into entrepreneurship if you’re unemployed, it does make sense to try and find some alternative sources of income if you’re having trouble landing a full-time job. One of the ways that you can do that is by working as a freelancer. That being said, if you’re trying to make money as a freelancer, you’ll need some skills that people will pay for.

If you’re an artist, a photographer, a writer or some other type of creative, then it’s that much easier to start a side-gig as a freelancer even while you look for permanent work.

Sending Out Cold Messages On Social Media

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Whatever your skillset, it’s up to you to find the people that are willing to pay money for your services. Luckily, social media is teeming with numerous potential clients. If you’re a digital creator, you can send out polite messages to businesses offering to create graphics for their social media. Even if you’re just good at social media or you’re a writer, those are skills that people will pay for.

Alternatively, You Can Also Use Freelancing Services Like Kreek Africa To Find Paid Work

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There are numerous services that you can use as a freelancer including Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour and other international freelancing platforms. However, those services are international and it can be troublesome setting up your payments. Kreef Africa is an African-based freelance platform that will send your payments directly into your momo wallet. Here’s all you need to know about setting up an account on Kreek Africa and earning some money.

Freelancing Has Never Been Easier: Use Kreek Africa—An Entirely African Platform

Sell Food On Instagram

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Another way to make money as a freelancer is by selling your services as a freelance cook on Instagram. Some people would rather buy their meals in bulk than have to cook everyday. Just create an Instagram account if you’re a good cook and share some videos (the best way to sell your skills) of food that you’ve made for your home. Then people can hire you to make meals for them by sending you a DM.

Create An AD On Tonaton.com

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Although most people think of Tonaton as the website to go to when they want to buy/sell something used, there are other kinds of ads that you can create on the platform. If you’re a freelancer looking for work, you can easily create an ad on Tonaton and provide the details of the services that you’re offering. People can then find your number and reach out to you, which equals money in your pocket.

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