Red Flags On Your CV That May Be Stopping You From Getting A Job After NSS

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The first year after NSS can be a difficult one if you’re a job seeker. Constantly editing your CV when you might not even get called back isn’t fun. However, there might be a reason why you’re not getting called back for roles you’ve sent your CV to as much as you’d like. These are the red flags on your CV that may be preventing you from landing the role that you want.

Poor Formatting

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Microsoft Word is the easiest Office tool to use and that means sometimes we end up underestimating it. Properly formatting a CV with different dynamic sections is more difficult than you might realize. At the end of the day, you might even get your CV looking decent on your computer. The problem is that if a recruiter opens it on their computer things end up looking weird.

You can get around this by always sending your CV as a PDF. If you don’t want to have to format your own CV as well you can just get a CV template and fill out the details with yours.

You’re Not Tailoring Your CV To Each Role

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Another thing that might be stopping your CV from getting the job done is the fact that you’re not tailoring your CV to each role. Instead, you’re sending the same generic CV to all the places that you’re applying to. The more connections you can make between yourself and the current role, the more likely you are to get hired. You can easily tailor your CV to jobs by looking at the job ads and replacing some of the keywords in your CV.

You’re Putting Too Much Personal Information On Your CV

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Putting personal information like your marital status, religion, tribe, etc, only makes it easier for people to have biases against you (whether those biases are conscious or not). The only personal details you should be sharing on your CV are your contact details so that recruiters can reach you.

There Are Grammatical And Spelling Mistakes On Your CV

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

If you can’t pay enough attention to detail to remove grammatical errors from your CV it’s going to be hard to convince someone to hire you. You don’t even have to manually check for grammatical errors, you can just use a free tool like Grammarly.



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