5 Types Of People You’ll Find At A Ghanaian Salon

If you’re the type who likes to sit back and observe in a salon, we are sure you’ve come across these people. Which one are you?

1. The one who always comes late

These people know that the salon closes at 7pm but they’ll get there at 6pm to do hairstyles like long faux locs or really long Knotless braids which will obviously not be done by 7pm.

2. Those who are happy to help

Image via archive.indianexpress.com

Especially when it comes to helping with giving attachment to the hairstylist when they’re braiding the hair. They come to the salon prepared. Hair neatly washed and detangled, ready to be worked on.

3. The one who’s always sleeping

Image via rescue.org

Immediately they sit in the hairdresser’s chair, they sleep. They only wake up when the hair is getting too painful.

4. The ones always eating

Image via pleasuresmagazine.com.ng

They either get to the salon with snacks or end up buying food from every vendor that passes by the shop. Maybe the eating helps them deal with the pain from the braids.

5. Those that complain about everything

image via classicghana.com

There’s always something they don’t like. It’s either you aren’t washing the hair well or you’re braiding it too tight or the hair is generally not nice. They aren’t impressed with anything.

Which of these are you? Which of these people have you encountered?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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