Here’s What You Need To Know About The Dikini Party That Took Over The Internet This Weekend

Phototgraph of Darkor Ofosu-Dorte

Swims by Didi, a local swimsuit brand (with international shipping BTW) took over the internet last year when the brand started selling its infamous swimsuit dubbed only as the ‘Dikini.’ Dikinis have since become fan-favourites on the internet, and the announcement of a ‘Dikini Party’ only sent Dikini fanatics over the edge and into a full-on frenzy. Here’s what happened, in case you missed it.

TIMELINE: 1 Day To The Dikini Party

One day before the Dikini Party and everyone was planning to be there or securing the snaps that they were going to watch for the event. Then, on the day of the Dikini Party:

TIMELINE: Day Of The Dikini Party

Although it seems the party got off to a slow start, all reviews point to a rather fun beach party. A day after the people who attended the event have had a chance to sleep on it, here’s what the internet thinks about the Dikini Party.

Finally, The Day After The Dikini Party On The Beach



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