Woman Shares Her Battle With Breast Cancer And Life After Surgery

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Editor’s Note: The subject of this story requested to be anonymous and thus will be referred to as Ama.

Before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ama was very proud of her breasts as she was well endowed in that part of her body. She reveals that her breasts were her body part that caught the attention of a lot of men.

Unfortunately for Ama, she had to lose the favourite part of her body due to cancer. And due to how far the cancer had spread, she had to undergo bilateral mastectomy, meaning that both of her breasts were taken off.

Prior to the surgery, she underwent chemotherapy to shrink cancer, but that was not successful, requiring her to have surgery.

“After the surgery, I was glad that I survived and I was grateful to God and the health professionals who oversaw my treatment. But my self-esteem and self-confidence took a very big blow. I couldn’t get back to the way she was before,” she said.

image via indiatimes

According to Ama, before she was diagnosed with breast cancer she was “bubbly and an extrovert”. She, however, indicates that she is no longer like her old self and does not feel confident and comfortable in her body anymore.

She further stated that she does not like to look at the scars on her chest because it reminds her of what she has lost and begins to get emotional about it.

Ama also lamented that not enough is done to support breast cancer patients, indicating that it is frustrating to be a breast cancer victim in Ghana.

“I can’t afford the reconstructive surgery, so I tried to find breast prosthesis in town and I was shocked and surprised I couldn’t find any. It is very frustrating,” she said.

“What happens to the survivors after the surgery? Because there are complications after the surgery. There’s no proper avenue for counselling and education on life after breast cancer. Aside from creating awareness about the disease, not a lot is done to support people like us. You can’t blame the NGOs because they are doing their best,” she added.

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