Saving During Your First Year At Work Is Hard But These Hacks Make It Easier

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There has to be a reason why building a saving habit is so difficult for Ghanaians, right? During NSS it´s impossible because, well, the pay is really small. After NSS, however, it´s all too possible to build a saving habit, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn´t hard. If you actually want to have some put away after your first year of being employed, here´s what will help:

Create A Budget

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Creating a budget is an obvious one, yet most of us have never made one. It doesn´t have to be anything complicated, you can just download a mobile app like Budget App – Expense Tracker & Budget Planner by Fun Apps Group Inc, and you can very easily make a budget.

Take Food To Work

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Aside from making a budget, you´re going to need to make some changes to your lifestyle before in order to have a chance of meaningfully saving some money. Taking food to work instead of spending money on both lunch and breakfast will save you some money in the long run. When you´re trying to save you need to do the things that will help you stretch the budget as much as possible.

Make Transport Arrangements With Your Coworkers

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Another way that you can give yourself a better chance to get closer to your savings goal is by cutting down on your transportation costs. If there´s a coworker with a car who uses a similar route as you then you´re lucky. If you have to take an Uber for part of your journey, talk to different collegues and find out if there´s someone that you can split those rides with.

Stop Eating Out

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Food is here again at the end of the list because you do end up spending so much money on food without even realizing it. These days it´s so easy to order some food and get takeout because you can just pick open one of the apps on your phone and in a few minutes you can have food on its way to you.



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