5 Types Of Coworkers That You’re Going To Have During Your First Year At Work

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There are a lot of different aspects of work-life that people give you warnings about, but they usually forget to mention that you also need to be wary of some coworkers in your workplace. Every office has them and it usually won´t take too long for them to start getting on your nerves.

The Email Overloader

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This person copies you on every single email that they send out, even unimportant ones. We all prefer emails to meetings, but no mail is still definitely the best option.

The Workaholic

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When you first start working, there will be one day where you´re feeling very proactive and want to get into work first. The workaholic is the person that you´ll go and meet in the office. They´re always the first in and the last out of the office.

The Snacks Suppliers

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This is the person that you want to sit close to. They´re always bringing a lot of snacks to work, or they go out and buy them during their breaks. Needless to say, you want to be as close to these sources of food as possible during your working hours.

The Intrusive Coworker

This is the coworker that always wants to know what you´re up to even if it doesn´t involve them. They´ll check in on you multiple times throughout the day and each time they´ll bring their very own brand of unsolicited advice.

The Backstabber

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This is the person in the office that gets close to everyone. You think they´re your friend until they´re stealing your ideas in meetings or selling you out to management.

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