5 Awkward Things That Happen When You Start Your First Job In Ghana

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It´s not the easiest thing being unemployed in Ghana and yourself aside, the people in your life get excited when you finally land a job. However, once the excitement has passed and working life has become your new reality, there´s a very high chance that one (or more) of these awkward things are going to happen to you.

Your Parents Are Going To Brag Shamelessly To Their Friends

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In the beginning, you won´t mind this so much, but months into your new job when your parents are still using your job as a conversation starter (especially if it´s a job that Ghanaians consider fancy) it can get awkward for you to have to stand around and listen to them go on.

You’re Expected To Give Your First Salary To Your Parents

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In case you weren’t aware of this tradition, we´re telling you about it now. Apparently, there´s a tradition that has been around forever in Ghana where kids give their parents their first paycheck (yes, the entire thing) and then the parents decide on an amount to give them from the sum.

Everyone Makes Assumptions About Your Salary

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People tend to overestimate your salary when you work in places that everyone thinks pay well. If you work in a bank or at an accounting firm then you can 100% people to make guesses as to what your take-home is.

Your Friends Expect You To Pay When You´re Out

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When you go out with your friends and can cover them, it´s always a good feeling. What is not a good feeling, however, is when friends want to make plans all the time at your expense.

Free Financial Advice From Grandparents

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Finally, we´re going to end with a very wholesome one. Grandparents will always pour as much financial advice into you as they possibly can if you´re working. They´ll make sure you remember not to spend all your money in one place.

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