Hacks For Starting A Side Hustle During Your First Year At Work

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If you´re working your first job as a Ghanaian youth then there´s a very high likelihood that your salary isn´t enough for you. It just doesn´t reach where you would like it to. However, we´re also in a time where the barrier to becoming an entrepreneur is as low as it´s ever been. If you want to have a hustle on the side even while you work your main job, here are some tips that will definitely come in handy.

Experiment To Find What You Can Sell

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If you´re a worker, you don´t want to commit to anything too quickly. Your capital and your time are going to be limited. What you can do is start small. Experiment first to find what sticks (what you can commit to and is profitable). An easy way to start is finding a product and seeing whether or not it will sell at all by trying to sell it.

Avoid Fixed Costs

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Some business ideas are far safer than others. For example, selling clothes on social media is relatively low-risk because even if it takes a while, there´s a very good chance that you´re going to be able to sell most of your stock. Other ideas come with a fixed cost; a price that you´re going to have to pay even if things aren´t going too well. As a worker, the one thing that you can´t afford in a side hustle is a fixed cost.

Your Coworkers Are Customers Too

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When you start selling, it´s important to dive into all the different parts of your network. That means pushing your product on social media, convincing family and friends to buy it, and also selling it to your coworkers. Why wouldn´t you try and sell to your coworkers? After all, you know when their pay drops.

Buy Ads Online

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These days most big accounts and influencers on various social media networks run ads for a price. If you´ve set up social media pages for your business or have a telephone you can pay for some ads that are guaranteed to be seen by a lot of people and get some new business.

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