10 Experiences Every Ghanaian Child Has Had With Their Parents


By the end of this article, you would realise that every Ghanaian was brought up by the same parent. It may not make sense but it’s true because we all seem to have the same upbringing. Here are 5 experiences every Ghanaian has had with their parents.

1. This is you when your mum gets home but you forgot to remove the soup from the freezer

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Now you’ve hurriedly put it in the microwave, trying to do the impossible in 5 minutes. The beatings will definitely come on.

2. You when you realise that your parents had you before getting married but they have been cautioning you against fornication

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They’ll tell you they never fornicated and they were virgins before marriage. If you ask them how they had you before they got married right now they’ll say you don’t respect.

3. Ghanaian mothers always react when they’re lashing you and you hold the cane

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They’ll call a family meeting and tell your family members that you took the cane and tried to lash them with it and that you’ve grown metallic wings. Ghanaian mothers and exaggerations.

4. After beating you, they’ll start asking why you’re crying


5. Mothers using their eyes to threaten you so you don’t take food from someone

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If you don’t know and you don’t look at her before taking and eating the food, by the time you get home, you’ll be dead.

6. When your dad warns you not to put on the TV when you get back from school but you did and now you have to fan the TV

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Why? So that it cools down by the time he comes back and he wouldn’t know you put it on

7. You’ve been warned against putting on the TV but you went ahead to put a CD in and watch a movie and now there’s light off

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You have to pray very hard that the light doesn’t come on that evening but when you’re in school. Otherwise, you’ll be caught and be lashed.

8. Mothers will advice you against wearing short items but you’ll look through their albums and see them wearing tiny dresses when they were younger

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They’ll tell you we aren’t in the same era and that was what everyone was doing at the time but isn’t it the same thing now?

9. You’ll clean the whole house thinking your mum will be happy but she’ll walk in and complain about everything


You cannot please an African mother. Know this and know peace.

10. They’ll always call you to look for the remote or pass it to them

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Meanwhile, they are probably sitting on it or it is right beside them but who are you to complain?

Which of these experiences have you had? Which other ones did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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