Surviving Your First Year As A Graphic Designer With Felix Owusu Asomaning

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After NSS, you move on to your first full-time job and if you’re a graphic designer it’s a time when you’re really going to be tested. However, it’s not all scary according to Felix Owusu, an experienced designer. Felix is currently a freelance graphic designer but has worked with Marketing Agency Echo House Ghana Limited and

What’s The Hardest Part Of The Job?

The hardest part of being a graphic designer is being creative every day. It’s one of those things that people assume is easy but is it’s really not. Being creative all the time can be tiring and also, there’s always a new trend that you have to keep up with.

What’s An Important Thing To Learn For A Graphic Design Job?

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Well, working as a designer you have to learn a few skills that will help you survive in your workplace. The first one is how to communicate because you’ll be interacting with people, and we’re all different. It’s important for getting along with your team and if you can communicate, you can also avoid going back and forth on your designs.

As a designer, you should also know that there’s nothing like ‘I can’t do it.’ If there’s something you don’t know how to do you have to learn it because otherwise, you’re losing a client.

Also, you need to be ready for every situation. You’re going to be asked to different types of designs at work and you need to be ready for that. There are also several inspirations that you can draw from on platforms like Pinterest, Behance, Fiverr or even Instagram.

What Was The Hardest Task You Had To Do On The Job?

The hardest task I had to do at work was come up with my own design for a concept. That design was going to be used for every aspect of the campaign’s creatives. You have to bring that concept into reality and obviously, people will have views about that design. That’s why you have to believe in your own stuff.

Any Advice For Someone Who Wants To Go Into Graphic Design?

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I think it’s important that you have to be receptive. There’s always going to be a criticism if you’re creative and sometimes that can be hard to hear especially when you believe in the work that you’ve submitted. It shouldn’t be something that makes you defensive. Yes, sometimes some people won’t share your point of view but you have to be able to listen to that as well.

Another thing is to express yourself as much as possible through your work. The more you express yourself, the more unique your work is and the more people begin to know your style. After all, didn’t they teach us back in high school that art is about expressing yourself?

The final piece of advice is going to help through your creative blocks. If you feel blocked, the best thing to do is to get away from it for a while. Stop designing and do other things that you love. Talk to your family or friends and do things that genuinely make you happy. You’ll be surprised what you’re going to be able to come up with.

What’s The Best Part About Being A Designer?

Apart from making a lot of money, there’s a lot of fulfilment in being creative. When your work makes people happy or you can just tell from the look on someone’s face that they’re satisfied with you it’s one of the best feelings.



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