Remember These 5 Lies We Believed As Kids?


As a kid, every single thing you are told sounds like the truth to you because what do you know? Won’t we all want one more chance to be children again? These bills are literally stepping on our necks. Let’s revisit 5 of the lies our parents and others told us that we swallowed, line, hook and sinker.

1. Put the cork in the soda to remove gas.

Remember when we used to bend the cork on soda drinks and put them at the bottom of the drink to get the gas out? Who started this and why? Is there any science to back this statement? If there is, kindly let us know in the comment section.

2. Adding water to soda to reduce the sugar.

There are definitely people who still do this, with the idea that they are reducing their sugar intake. Well jokes on you, the sugar content remains the same, even if you pour a bucket of water into the soda.

3. Don’t Let People Step On Your Shadow.

If someone could steal our destinies just by stepping on our shadows, no one would ever visit Makola, Nima or Circle. How are you going to avoid someone stepping on your shadow in crowded places? We would all be destiny-less by the time we are 10.

4. Don’t kill a spider else you will feel pains when you urinate.

It’s only our parents who can explain how a spider’s death is connected to our excretory system. Was this just a ploy to keep spiders alive because they were going extinct?

5. Don’t clap at night.

So if we clap at night, we will call spirits to our houses, but churches can clap to drive away spirits? Wild isn’t it? What made us believe any of this? To be a child, means to be totally clueless with no thinking ability?



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