Nigerians Fight For Right To Protest Safely During #EndSARSMemorial Day

#EndSARS protests in Nigeria

On October 20, 2020, Nigeria got bloody when young people who were protesting against the illness of Nigeria, including the existence of a police hit squad that was virtually terrorising and murdering them, reportedly got murdered by the Nigerian Army.

The Lekki tollgate massacre is one of the deadliest incidences in Nigeria’s history with such ironic implications.

The young people who were protesting against being murdered ended up getting murdered by the state they were protesting against and expecting to protect them.

This massacre increased the relevance of the EndSARS protests that went on for days both on and offline.

Days after the incident, the Nigerian government gaslighted the entire incident denying that it ever happened despite the countless social media videos that went viral.

12 months on, Nigerians took to the streets to remember their friends who lost their lives during last year’s protest.

Even that, we have received reports that more than a dozen protestors were arrested today for just being there.

Once again, Twitter was a huge driving force despite the fact that it is currently officially banned in the country.

Nigerian youth are not letting go…

They did.


They were out on the streets.

Remembered forever.

Warrior heroes and heroines.



Despite our constant Twitter fights, Ghanaians are always ready to show up for Nigerians just as they are also ready to do for Ghanaians.

Despite being miles away from Nigeria, Ghanaians both at home and abroad also made sure to support the #EndSARSMemorial today.

They also took to Twitter to join Nigerians immortalize their fallen warriors.

We hope so too.

Never forget.

Stand with Nigeria’s youth.

Stanning young Nigerians…

We need answers.

Rest in peace, you young Nigerian warriors.


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