I Tried Spicing Up Our Sex Life But It Went Wrong

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Hi Kuulpeeps, I have a dilemma I need people’s views on.

My girlfriend and I were drifting apart. We were communicating alright but we were just bored. Our sex life used to be great but like everything now, it’s not as fun as it used to be.

“We talked about everything and we decided to get a toy to help add some excitement in the bedroom. After we made that decision, I started getting bombarded with toys from different pages on Instagram and Snapchat from different vendors by my girlfriend. I don’t know how she found the pages but she did and she was extremely excited about the toy decision.”

After comparing prices we decided to get a vibrator/dildo and my girlfriend had it delivered to her end. She came over and we unboxed it together and used it at the end of the day.

For almost 3 weeks, she was at my end often and everything seemed like it was back to normal until she told me she wanted to take the vibrator home. All this while it was at my end because her mum is strict and if she found such a thing on my girlfriend, she’ll kill her.

I didn’t think much of it and I let her have it; after all, we both contributed and got it. Kuulpeeps, my girlfriend has been avoiding me since then. Anytime I ask her to come over, she doesn’t want to. She always comes up with excuses. Is it because the vibrator is satisfying her needs? I don’t know what to think because we will chat nicely on phone but when it comes to meeting physically, she won’t come over. What do I do?

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