HTU students call for safety as routes leading to hostels outside HTU campus are not safe at night


Gone were the days where students walk freely in the evening from their hostels or back to their hostels without the fear of anything. Now, even when it’s 7pm, students are scared to walk out because of some incidents that occurred at the southern part of Ho Technical University(HTU Southern Gate).

On the 4th of October, an innocent girl was given a big cut on her face by a guy who no one knows about. The girl was asked to give to give her phone to the guy which she did. After she gave him the phone, she was cut deep on her face. The mark was very deep and she had to visit the theater for treatments.

On the 12th of October, a student from the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) was stabbed countlessly on the same route because he refused to hand over his laptop and his phone to the group of people who attacked him. He was immediately rushed to the hospital that night because he lost a lot of blood.

Also, it has been alleged that the current Vice President of the HTU SRC was also chased on that same route by an assailant and he managed to find a place to hide where he wasn’t seen and later escaped to his hostel safely.

After all these incidents and rumor, students don’t have the freedom they had when walking from their hostels or back to their hostels at night. Students end up sleeping over at their friends place and going to their various hostels the next day because they are scared of what someone might do to them.

With these, students who can’t learn in their dormitories are scared to come to campus at night to learn. Those who do go also make sure they leave early or they sleep over in the study room and go back to their hostels when day breaks.

All these acts causes poor performance amongst students and so we are pleading to the School Authorities to make sure that tight security will be provided around the hostels and halls mentioned below;

1. Adaklu Hall

2. Mawuli Hostel and all other hostels that are close to campus and outside campus.

We also entreat the Ghana Police Service, Ho to provide patrol teams at night around these areas because the lives of students are at stake.



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