Ghanaian Photographer Nana Asomani Listed As GUAP’s Top 30 Under 30 Black Creatives & Professionals For Blacklist 2021

Nana Ofori-Atta Asomani (image via Nana Asomani)

Ghanaian photographer and creative Nana Asomani has been listed among the best of young creatives around the world. Asomani’s photography captures the Ghanaian experience in a very surrealistic way giving the Ghanaian experience a whole new look. Photography has been part of his life since his early teens. He considered it a hobby from 2011 until 2018 when He decided to take a serious interest in it.

Nana told GUAP,  “Being a naturally reserved person, photography presents me with the medium to express my unique perspective of the world. I’m inspired by my environment however the elements that inspire me to differ from environment to environment. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so I try to be open-minded, and I do not limit myself. The goal is to improve myself every step of the way. My only competition is myself because life itself is not a race but a journey. Also, I want my journey in photography to inspire others to be comfortable in their unique ways of expressing their art and self.”

The Blacklist 2021 marks the commencement of a long-term partnership between GUAP and Adidas, after years of creative collaboration on varying projects. adidas will invest in and provide opportunities to exciting young talent, including selected members of The Blacklist 2021.

GUAP wants to be remembered as the platform that recognizes talent who typically haven’t had the opportunity to be celebrated and don’t often think they should be. GUAP uplift those who do what they do because of sheer passion and joy. Whilst Adidas is a brand that celebrates creativity, empowers young talent, and champions grass-roots communities, with an always-on approach to welcoming new creators to the brand, cementing this partnership to be the ultimate powerhouse. 

This year’s Blacklist highlights those on an incredible journey who have experienced pits and peaks but never stopped. Over the last year, the creative and professional worlds posed serious challenges for the young. With travel restricted and borders being closed, resulted in opportunities became fewer and farther between. In light of this, we created our very own GUAP passports for our 2021 Blacklisters who dared to see beyond the borders and reach great heights of creativity, even when the environment did not allow it.

Source: GUAP

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