#AdmitThe499: Law Students & Their Supporters Call For Reform Of Legal Education

Law Students protesting. Photo credit: National Association of Law Students

Today, law students and their supporters took to the streets to call for the reform of legal education in the country.

This protest is coming on the back of a decision by the Ghana School of Law to deny admission to some 499 prospective students who wrote this year’s entrance exams.

The 499 students, who had reportedly secured a cumulative score of 50 per cent were denied admission due to a new entry requirement rule that was announced after they wrote the exams.

The new rule required students to secure at least 50 per cent of the marks in Section A of the paper and 50 per cent of the marks in Section B of the paper.

Though 499 students met the entry requirement that was available at the time they wrote the exam, they did not meet the new entry requirement of securing 50% in each section of the entrance exam.

According to the 499 and their supporters, this is only possible because professional law training has been monopolised by the Ghana School of Law located at Makola.

Currently, a number of institutions have been given the accreditation to run the undergraduate and graduate law programmes. However, before anyone can practice as a lawyer, he or she is required to complete two years of study at the Ghana School of Law.

It’s like having a system in which only the University of Cape Coast can train accountants or one can only become a doctor when he or she attends the University of Ghana Medical School.

This is what the 499 students and their sympathisers are fighting against and asking for other institutions to be given the accreditation to run professional law courses similar to those run at the Ghana School of Law.

Today, they took to the streets to make their point clear.

Point made…

It’s red!

Open or close?

All for one, one for all.

Enough said.


The protesting students will be submitting a petition to parliament today for their concerns to be addressed.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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