5 People Share How They Brought The Spark Back Into Their Relationships

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Over a period of time, your relationship can get a little boring especially if both of you aren’t spontaneous. At the end of the day, you may still love each other but you just cannot stand the relationship because you’re bored. We reached out to a number of people and they shared how they spiced up their relationships with us.

1. Abena, 25 years

My fiancé is an entrepreneur. He has an office space for himself and his workers and has an office for himself in the building. Once every week or 2 weeks, I go there on my lunch break. He never knows when. I tell him the day I want to go and he lets me know if he’s available or if he has a meeting. We always do the nasty before we actually eat and it’s something we both look forward to. We make sure the door is locked and we try not to make too much noise so nobody hears.

2. Desmond, 27 years

We got sex toys. We had been talking about it for a while and both added a sex toy shop on Snapchat. We went through some of their stock, brought our money together and bought a vibrator, handcuffs and gags. It has helped our sex life tremendously.

3. Bernice, 24 years

We both went to get a massage earlier this year and because of the way we were both feeling, we had to hurry home and have sex. It was one of the best things ever! Now, we try getting a massage every month and look forward to sex every time.

4. Racheal, 25 years

We are both outdoor people and so we decided to start doing more outdoor activities. We started hiking together and taking more road trips. Doing these things together brings us closer because we talk more and gather memories together. What I always look forward to is us exhausted at the end of the day and in each other’s arms. Heaven.

5. Godwin, 27 years

We are currently in a “long distance” relationship. She’s in Kumasi for 6 months while I’m in Accra but we make it a point to visit each other for the weekend every 2 or 3 weeks. During that visit we go out, talk eat and have fun and on some days, we just stay indoors in the dark, watching movies or just cuddling and talking. Doing this saved my relationship.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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