4 Ways To Spice Up Your Date Nights After Being Together For A While

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After a while in a relationship, things may start to feel a bit repetitive. It may feel like your relationship is becoming stagnant. Apart from just hanging out doing your own things or watching a movie together, how often do you 2 actually carve out time and go out on a date? A date that is different, out of the box? One that can revitalize your relationship? We spoke to someone who has extensive knowledge about this subject and these are some of the things he told us about when you want to spice up your dates after you’ve been together in a while.

According to our source, first thing you should remember is that, the more unusual your dates are, the better for your relationship. Instead of going out for dinner or partying every time, you can do one of the following instead.

1. Try new meals together

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You can both decide to try different types of food from different restaurants over a certain period of time. For example; if you want to get Waakye, you can get it from different vendors over a period of say one month and try them. You can have a day set aside for doing that like Saturday. It gives you both something to always look forward to.

2. Travel dates

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You can try to do road trips, go hiking, climb a mountain or visit a waterfall. It’s a fun experience to go with your person and make memories.

3. Group dates

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Look for other couple friends and go on a date with them. It gives you people more things to talk about and gives you a different perspective on relationships in general. I think the secret about couple dates is the fact that you may go into a certain situations with your couple friends and realise that your relationship is “better”. You may think that sometimes you and your partner are incompatible and you quarrel a lot but you’ll realise that it’s normal and some other people have it worse. The reverse is also possible.

4. Visit an Art Gallery

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This is perfect for people who love Art. Even if you don’t like Art, it’s different. It’s something out of the norm and you will have memories about how you probably didn’t understand anything at all when you went and how you both were cracking jokes about the displays.

Remember, the more unusual the date, the better. Move away from movie nights every weekend. Go play paintball or play tennis. They are low key and unexpected but they’ll always be fun and exciting.

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