Here’s How To Tell If Your Drink Has Been Spiked At A Party

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Irrespective of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have now, albeit, gone back to the status quo.

Schools are opened, offices are opened, and events are taking place. Parties are happening and though they are fun, we are also now dealing with the negatives of partying again.

While we love the idea of seeing our friends again and hanging out with families again, we must be aware that the dangers of partying are still with us.

One of the dangers of partying is the possibility of having your drink spiked with any substance, either to get you high, more wasted or even a possible murder attempt.

First of all, you have been advised never to drink anything you left unattended even if it was just for a second. Not even if you left it in the care of your trusted family and friends.

However, irrespective of how attentive you are to your drinks at a party or any social gathering, someone determined to spike your drink may succeed in slipping a little in.

Nonetheless, even if the person succeeds, there are tips to know whether your drink has been spiked for you not to drink it at all.

This helpful thread below is a lifesaver for any party goer.

Play and party hard but do so with the most attention on your drinks.


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