David Amoako Sarfo: How Power Outages Inspired Him To Build A Solar Powered Multi-Functional Machine

David Amoako Sarfo

David Amoako Sarfo, an alumnus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has designed a multi-functional machine called the ‘Akwaaba Magic Box’ that serves different purposes and is also powered by solar energy.

Elements found on the machine, according to the designer include a flat-screen television for viewing purposes, compatible with various external connections including a laptop and a decoder.

David Amoako Sarfo’s Akwaaba Magic Box

Other components of the machine include speakers with amplifiers to play music, Wi-Fi to connect the user to the internet, a security camera, charging systems to supply power to any USB related gadget, and a solar energy unit to supply these appliances with power.

David Amoako Sarfo holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in Painting and Sculpture from KNUST and is currently a Visual Arts teacher at the Peki Senior High Technical School in the Volta region.

He built the prototype of the multi-functional machine with some of his students.

David revealed that the invention of the prototype was inspired by the worrying situation of power outages Ghana faces and also the quest to reduce the “cost and hustle people go through to buy these appliances.”

“This work was inspired by the fact that we experience a lot of power outages in the country and anytime you get home from work and there is no electricity sometimes you really get stressed up, because you will need light in the room, charge your mobile phone, watch television and a whole lot which are all life necessities,” he said.

David Amoako Sarfo’s Akwaaba Magic Box

“Also, I was inspired by the fact that Africans need to stand up in terms of technology to develop the continent, so I decided to put the solutions to these problems into one unit and make them work to perfection to serve humankind,” he added.

David further elaborated that although the device is suitable for all, people in the rural areas are more likely to benefit from it.

He, therefore, called on investors to come onboard to invest and help with the mass production of the machine.

source: focusnews

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