9 Important Things To Know About Emails During Your First Year Of Work

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One of the most basic skills that you’ll need when you start your first full-time job is email skills. Even if you learned about sending emails in your ICT class, sending emails in real life tends to be much different. If you aren’t used to sending emails yet, these tips will save you from some awkward/uncomfortable email interactions and prevent you from being an annoying coworker at work.

Don’t Start Emails With ‘To Whom It May Concern’

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If you’ve read anything about email openings, you’ve probably seen ‘to whom it may concern’ mentioned as an appropriate email opening. In real life though, it’s impersonal and your coworkers are definitely going to have a chuckle at your expense if you start your email with ‘to whom it may concern.’

Don’t Start An Email With ‘Hey’

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If you text a lot, you’re wondering why not ‘hey,’ when ‘hello,’ ‘hi,’ and ‘dear …’ are all acceptable email openings. Well, it’s because ‘hey’ is less formal and less acceptable in the workplace. ‘Hi’ is just casual enough without stepping on any toes. So if casual is what you’re going for, use ‘hi’ instead.

Your Subject Should Not Leave Any Room For Questioning

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Your subject should say exactly what your email is about. No one should have to open your email before they can see what your email is about. A good subject example is ‘Report for Client A.’ Zero room for guessing.

Don’t Have Private Conversations Over Email

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If you have a work email address, then you should know that any mail sent to or from that address can be accessed by your company’s IT department. So that’s just a big no on private conversations.

Don’ t CC People Who Don’t Need To Be Involved

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One thing that you’ll find annoying yourself is when you receive emails that have nothing to do with you simply because someone CC’d you. So don’t do that to your coworkers. Make sure every email that you’re sending out is only going to the people that it needs to go out to.

Don’t Send Long Emails

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No one wants to check their email and read unending paragraphs. Most of the time it’s unnecessary. Keep your emails short and sweet and no one will have problems reading and replying to your emails on time.

Don’t Use ‘Per My Last Email’ 

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There are a lot of phrases that people use in emails that have gotten a bad reputation as being passive-aggressive, and ‘per my last email’ is definitely one of the top phrases on that list. When you say ‘per my last email’ you’re basically saying that ‘I shouldn’t have to say this again,’ and that 100% definitely going to rub people the wrong way.

Don’t Use Emojis

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This just screams ‘unprofessional,’ and unless you’re a legend, you definitely don’t want to attempt it.

Don’t Use Coloured Fonts

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Finally, the last thing you want to stay away from in your work emails is mixing font colours or just using coloured fonts period. You can’t go wrong with black font and it’s hard to imagine a situation that would call for some coloured fonts.

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