6 Different Types Of People Now That iPhone 13 Has Been Released

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iPhone 13 was released a month ago and we cannot get over how amazing the features are on the phone. Over the past month, we’ve seen how different people have reacted differently to the news about the phone and we’ve put them in categories.

1. Those who want to be the first people to own the phone

It’s not like there was something wrong with their old phone. Majority of them don’t use the phone for anything more than texts, calls and pictures but they like that they’ll be in the news because they were one of the first people to get the phones in Ghana.

2. Those who cannot be bothered

If there’s nothing wrong with the phone they’re using now why should they buy something else? Mo na moobl3.


3. Those who are still using iPhone 5c

😹😹 They want to upgrade to even a 6 or 7 because apple plans on discontinuing the phone which means they will permanently end technical support for it.


4. Those who have headache because they got the 12 recently and now they have to get 13

They just want to own the latest phone but now it’s giving them chest pains and headache because of the price.

5. Those who don’t care because it’s forever Samsung or any other Android over iPhone

Look around. You’ll see them. The way iPhone users hate android is the same way these android users hate iPhone.

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6. Those who are yet to buy their first iPhone

They’ve been constantly trying to save because they want to leave the world of android and enter that of iPhone but to no avail. One day one day, ego be.😹

Which of these are you? Let us know in the comments section.

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