5 Ways To Make Better PowerPoints During Your First Year At Work

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No one looks forward to having to make a presentation but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. The good news is if you make a good enough PowerPoint the presenting bit also becomes a lot easier for you. Whether or not you have some experience with PowerPoint, these tips will help you make better presentations during your first year at work.

Make Sure That The Point Of Your Presentation Is Clear Right From The Beginning

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If there’s a question that you’re trying to answer with your PowerPoint you want to make sure that the people you’re to whom you’re presenting know what it is right from the beginning. Having a good intro slide that’s interesting enough and explains the point of the presentation makes it so much easier to keep people interested in the presentation at all.

Put Down Your Main Points Before You Start Designing Anything

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Once you start designing your PowerPoint it can be easy to get carried away and do ‘too much.’ In order to avoid that, make sure that the focus is on the content of your presentation. You can figure out your main points and their arrangement before you even start designing to make things easier on yourself.

Make Sure That Your Design Is Coherent

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You don’t want to switch styles in the middle of your presentation. It should look like the same presentation from beginning to end. In order to get that effect, you can use one of the pre-designed styles in PowerPoint or download some free PowerPoint templates/designs and elements from here:

Become King Of Creative PowerPoint Presentations With These Resources

Use One Main Idea Per Slide

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If you try to cram too much content into each individual slide you’re only going to confuse or bore your audience (or both). Instead, just make sure that each slide focuses on one main idea. If you realize that you’ve ended up with too many slides, then you should be taking another look at your content.

Pick The Right Images For Your Points

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There are several websites where you can get free stock images for your PowerPoint presentations like Pexels.com, Unsplash and a host of others (9 Websites To Get Free Stock Photos For Your Blogs And Projects) but it’s important that you choose images that match the context of the point that you’re trying to make instead of using images just for the sake of it.

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