5 Tips On How To Keep Your Sneakers New According To Sneakerhead Ruky

There’s nothing as exciting as getting new sneakers from your favorite sneaker brands but in weathers like the rainy season we find ourselves in now, your sneakers can get very dirty. If you want your sneakers to last long, you’ll have to protect and clean them.

We spoke to a sneaker head, Ruky, on UEW (University of Education, Winnebago) campus and she plugged us with various tips on how to keep your sneakers in good shape.

1. Learn how to wash your sneakers from experts

According to Ruky, washing sneakers is not done like how we do our regular washing of clothes. You can learn how to wash sneakers the right way by researching online or watching YouTube videos. In most cases though, original sneakers come with a leaflets that state clearly how to wash and care for the sneakers.

2. Always keep your sneaker in box

Even if you got the sneakers without a box, now getting an empty sneaker box is very easy and affordable. You can get some for as low as 15gh. Shoe boxes give your shoes the highest level of protection from dust, sunlight and temperature extremes.

3. Don’t wear your sneakers everyday

Keep your sneakers how you keep your important items. You shouldn’t wear them any how. Get other shoes in addition to your sneakers so that you can only wear the sneaker once in a while.

4. Use papers to protect the sneakers

According to Ruky, her secret is that she wraps her sneakers in newspapers to prevent damage from contact with other shoes. This also protects patent finishes and ornaments from damage.

5. Give your sneaker to a professional when it gets damaged

When you notice a fault or notice that a part of your sneaker needs repair, send it to a trusted cobbler to work on it so it doesn’t get damaged even more.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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