5 Things That Disappear When You Need Them The Most

Maybe it’s witchcraft because it’s when you need these things the most that they cannot be found. You’ll keep thinking and struggling to remember stuff or remember where you put them but to no avail. It is when you don’t need them that they’ll appear.

1. Things you’ve learnt right before the exams

If this hasn’t happened to you before, congratulations on being part of God’s favorite children. You know within your heart that you studied that particular question they’ve asked in the paper but for some reason, you cannot find the answer so you find something to just put there so the lecturer doesn’t think you don’t know anything. When done with the paper, the correct answers come rushing into your head. If this is not witchcraft, we don’t know what else it is.

2. Spoons and forks

Personally, I believe spoons and forks have minds of their own because there is no explanation for how fast they get missing. Where do they go??

3. Debtors

Lmao! Nobody disappears faster than someone who has to pay what they owe you but doesn’t have it yet. You can sit in front of their houses from morning till night, you’ll still not see them.

4. Salary 5 days after you were paid

Nigerian movie meme

This is how you know the system is rigged. You get paid and in 5 days, after paying all your bills, you end up back at square 1. You work for 31 days and you cannot even enjoy the fruits of your labour.

5. Food in SHS dining hall


If you like don’t go early. You’ll just have to swallow your hunger like that and move on with life.

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