This Is Exactly What Millennial Ghanaians Think About Who Should Cook In A Marriage

Photo by Rajesh TP from Pexels

Most of us grew up in homes with traditional gender roles; our fathers provided financially and our mothers did all the housework. However, women’s empowerment, gender education and just a general challenging of those traditional gender roles mean that a significant number of us ‘new age’ kids feel somewhat differently about this issue. Here’s what the new generation on Twitter thinks about an issue that is an embodiment of this topic: who should cook in a marriage?

That Does Sound A Lot Like Working Two Jobs For No Reason Other Than Being A Woman

The Accuracy Of This. Some Women Enjoy Cooking As A Way Of Showing Their Affection But It’s Unfair To Make It Obligatory

That Being Said, Outside Of Twitter Conversations, Are Ghanaians Really That Modern?

Ah, Of Course, Money; The Universal Solution To Every Problem That Ever Existed 😂

This Is An Argument That You Couldn’t Have Seen Coming

Some Though, It Seems, Grew Up With An Entirely Different Normal



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