6 Things You Aren’t Allowed To Do While Dating A Guy On Twitter

If you have any interest in dating a guy on twitter, or you have been planning to shoot your shot at your twitter crush, there are a few changes you’d have to make to your life, and also a few things you must learn to accept. Here are 6 things you aren’t allowed to even dream of doing, if you want to date a guy on twitter.

1. You Shouldn’t Dance at Weddings.

According to guys on twitter, when you attend a wedding, you have to barely eat the food, nod your head and tap your feet a few times to the music and respectfully leave to their respective houses. It is advisable to leave your dance skills at home, because no one is checking for your azonto or gbese at the wedding.

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2. You Have To Finish All Your Food On a Date.

Gone are the days when you had to leave some food on your plate, even when you are unsatisfied and the food is delicious. All so that your date doesn’t think that you are a foodie. However, these modern men claim to hate that. Why you ask? Well, they say they can’t pay the bill for expensive food and watch you do “lady lady” with the food. They work hard for their money and hence you must finish the food, or at least pack the rest home.

3. You Should Never Fart In Their Presence.

Dating a twitter boy means that no matter how long the relationship has lasted, you should never feel comfortable enough to fart in their presence. How dare you? Even during your marriage, if you ever want to fart, you have to excuse yourself and go to the outer room and come back.

4. You Shouldn’t Be A GeyHey Girl.

If you are past student of GeyHey, just in the middle of shooting your shot, and you come across this article, kindly rescind all plans and proposals, as you have already been bounced. According to guys on twitter, no clapping of Geyhey cheeks over here (pun intended). However, if you are not a Geyhey girl, you are welcome to proceed.

5. You Can’t Buy Him Boxers/ Singlet on His Birthday.

The whole point of this is to tell you that if you don’t have money you can’t date a guy on twitter. The worst you can do is to gift him an xbos or a PS5, yes the worst. When it comes to the best, we leave that to your imagination.

6. You Shouldn’t Expect Him To Save For Your Birthday.

The trick here is to not expect anything on your birthday because he will not plan for it nor think of it ahead of time. You just have to accept that it could very well be a “A Queen Was Born Today” text and that’s all you are going to get. He probably won’t even post you, because 5 other girls may be looking. If he does however, it means those 5 ladies have been blocked.

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