5 Things Slim People Are Tired Of Hearing

Everyone seems to think that life is easy for skinny people. A lot of people think they have no right to complain and it would be absurd for skinny people to want to lose weight. Is life really that easy for skinny people? Here are 5 things skinny people are tired of hearing.

1. Eat at Night If You Want to Gain Weight.

How many times has someone told you that you have to eat late at night so you can gain weight? Does the weight begin from the stomach, because how are you still skinny with a protruding tummy?

2. Eat A Lot Of Junk Food.

There has to be a particular location of the junk food that helps you gain weight, because a lot of answers have been sought at the wrong burger, chicken and pizza locations. If you know where this life saver is, share the location of the place in the comment section.

3. “Do You Want To Be A Model” Questions.

If you haven’t been asked this question because you are skinny, take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Every skinny person has been asked this at least 3 times in their lives. Like no Bra Kwame I don’t want to do Malaika, I’m just hungry.

4.The Nicknames.

Who would bother to do a naming ceremony if your family knew the world wanted to chip in too. Imagine being in a queue and someone shouts “Chingilingi”, just to get your attention. Nicknames for skinny people include : Lengelenge, Chingy, Alogospringi, e.tc, add as many as you can in the comment section. Sometimes, it makes you wonder who came up with those terms and why.

5. The Appetite Stimulant Recommendations.

This conversation is always awkward because the skinny people have probably already tried the said stimulant and it didn’t work for them, or he/she is just not interested in the conversation. Each involves the use of a fake smile each time.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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