5 Indoor Date Ideas That Make Staying at Home Feel Romantic

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Going out on dates can sometimes feel a bit much. Sometimes you just want to do something romantic and cosy in the comfort of your home. No matter your reason for wanting to stay home, here are a few ideas to explore that will not break the bank and that is different.

1. Have a breakfast date

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You can both decide to prepare it and get back into the covers and eat while watching a movie or just talking. You can also decide to order breakfast online if you both don’t feel up to cooking. You can both stay in bed until late.

2. Set up a home spa

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Guys act like they don’t like these things but they do… when they like you so go crazy. Get some face masks and apply them on each other’s faces. Take videos and enjoy each other’s company while the masks do their thing. You can also get massage oils and give each other massages for a more intimate experience.

3. Travel inspired home dinner date

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This is especially for couples who love to explore new things. Choose a country and order some meals from a well trusted restaurant that makes them. For example, if you choose Japan, you can get a restaurant to order meals like Sushi and Sashimi, Ramen, Tempura and Shabu Shabu among others.

4. Have a “picnic” in your room

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This is actually very simple to set up. If you want to prepare the meals, that’s okay. You just need food and a little set up in your room. It changes the atmosphere and makes it a bit more intimate as compared to sitting on the bed/table and eating.

5. Play a game together

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A little friendly competition can actually draw the two of you closer. You can even bet on the games and give something to the loser to do.

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