4 Obvious But Not So Obvious Hacks You’ll Need To Adjust To Your First Job After NSS

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The uncertainty of whether or not you’re going to be able to find a job is one of the things that haunts most people who are almost done with their National Service. If you’re lucky enough to land a job after NSS though, you have an entirely different problem to deal with: adjusting to your new normal. Starting a new job can usually be embarrassing even when you know that it really shouldn’t be. Here are some of the obvious hacks that’ll make things that much easier on you.

Don’t Pretend That You Know How To Do Things You Don’t

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We’ve all heard the ‘be proactive’ pieces of advice that people give. If you’ve told an older person about your first job, then you’ve probably already had that said to you. Yes, you should be proactive and try and make a good impression, but lying about skills you don’t have at work is one of the quickest ways to turn your work experience bad. When you’re new, your coworkers and other people at the office are usually open to teaching you all you’ll need to get by. It’s much easier to adjust if you let them.

Write Things Down

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When you start working, you usually don’t have to take notes. No one is going to force you to write things down but you’re way less likely to get stuck if you’re writing down all of the new information that’s coming at you. Also, you can avoid those embarrassing moments where you have to ask people questions that they’ve already given you the answers to.

Get Some Basic PowerPoint And Excel Skills

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Once you’re in an office setting you’re likely to work on some documents, and you’re not always going to be lucky enough to just work in Word. You’ll also need some PowerPoint and Excel skills. These articles will help you go from beginner to decent with PowerPoint and Excel in no time:

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Have Conversations With Your Coworkers

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Finally, although you’re going to work, your coworkers will quickly become some of the people that you spend the most time around. So it’s usually a good idea to get to know them early and make friends if you can. They’ll help you adjust and even show you the ropes when it comes to how things are done in your new company.

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