21 Easy To Remember Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make You Faster With Your Laptop

Some of us get our first laptops when we’re going to university, and so working with them isn’t always the most natural thing. Even if you have better than average computer skills you can always benefit from learning a couple of easy-to-remember and super handy keyboard shortcuts that will make you even faster with your laptop. You might even want to bookmark this article for later.

1. Ctrl + A Selects All Text In The Current Document/Webpage

2. Ctrl + B For Bold Text

3. Ctrl + C To Copy Highlighted Text Or Files

4. Ctrl + D Creates A Bookmark If You’re In A Browser

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5. Ctrl + I For Italics

6. Ctrl + K To Insert A HyperLink Into Text

7. Ctrl+ O Opens A New File With The Current Program

8. Ctrl + P To Quickly Print A Page

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9. Ctrl + S To Save

10. Ctrl + U For Underlining Text

11. Ctrl + V To Paste Something That You’ve Copied

12. Ctrl + W To Close A Browser Tab

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13. Ctrl + X To Cut Highlighted Text Or Files

14. Ctrl + Y To Repeat An Action You Undid

15. Ctrl + Z To Undo An Action

16. Ctrl + N To Opens A New Window In The Current Program

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17. F1 Opens A Help Screen In Most Apps

18. F2 Will Let You Rename A File

19. Alt + F4 Will Close The Current Window

20. F5 Refreshes The Current Page

21. F12 To Save A File Under A Different Name

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