5 Annoying Things People Who Don’t Drink Can Relate To

No matter your reason not to drink alcohol, people should respect your decision as it is valid. It’s the weekend and once again, there are a slew of parties and hangouts that will happen and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a number of these statements thrown at you if you don’t drink alcohol. Here are 5 annoying things people who don’t drink can relate to.

1. Being constantly asked how you have fun

If you always need alcohol to have fun, are you really having fun? It should be something that adds to it and not something that you need to depend on.

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2. People assuming that because you don’t drink your life must be boring

Because life revolves around alcohol and hangovers?

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3. People encouraging you to “just take Smirnoff”

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Someone says they don’t drink alcohol but for some reason, a drink with a low alcohol per cent is okay to take in??? Y’all should really accept people’s decisions.

4. Being told constantly about how much you’re missing out

While we are the ones going to remember everything that happened while you’re going to wake up with a headache?? Make it make sense.

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5. People trying to see if they’ll be the ones to convince you to drink

Peer pressure won’t work on some people and even if it does work, you should be ashamed of yourself that you can’t respect your friend’s decision.

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