Fusena Aziz: The GIJ Alumna Who’s Promoting Early Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer To Save Lives

Fusena Aziz is the co-founder and Executive Director of Fusaid Global

The mere thoughts of the fact that early diagnosis of breast cancer can potentially save lives, is what inspired Fusena Aziz to embark on creating awareness on the issue.

Fusena Aziz is a Ghanaian award-winning women’s development advocate and trained Journalist. She is the co-founder and the Executive Director of Fusaid Global, a non-profit organisation that is focused on women’s development advocacies, tackling key issues such as domestic violence, maternal mortality, girl-child education, entrepreneurship, agriculture and health.

“Having served as Women’s Commissioner of the Students Representative Council of Ghana Institute of Journalism, I was exposed to some challenges faced by women on the daily and this led me to niche my advocacy works down to women’s development issues,” she told Kuulpeeps.

Fusena Aziz won the SDG 5 Advocate of the Year award at the 2021 Humanitarian Awards Global

Fusena embarked on her first-ever breast cancer awareness project in October 2020 through her NGO, Fusaid Global.

“I believe there is never enough awareness on breast cancer if my voice can contribute to saving lives. That’s another beauty of humanity; looking out for each other and encouraging others to stand up for themselves as well,” Fusena said.

“Through our breast cancer advocacy, we have come across and interacted with a number of survivors both in and outside Ghana. These are beautiful people who have found strength in their conditions and aspire to inspire the world through their experiences. It is strong admiration from the depths of my heart,” she added.

Through Fusaid Global, Fusena is focused on creating much awareness and educate people on breast cancer through the following programmes:

1. The use of Pink October campaign posters with the public as participants

2. A scheduled ‘Conversation on Breast Cancer In Women’ with expert health resource persons as well as breast cancer survivors from different parts of the world, on Saturday, 16th October at 7:00 PM GMT via the Fusaid Conversations platform on the Clubhouse App.

3. A scheduled discussion on ‘Breast Cancer In Men & All You Need To Know’ with resource persons as well as male breast cancer survivors, on Saturday, 23 rd October at 12:00 PM GMT via the Fusaid Conversations platform on the Clubhouse App.

“Our goal as far as breast cancer advocacy is concerned is to create awareness on the importance of frequent screening and early detection. This is an annual project that has come to stay and we look forward to being a safe haven to victims as well as survivors in the very near future,” Fusena said.

Fusena, in September 2021, was honoured with the SDG 5 Advocate of the Year award by the Humanitarian Awards Global. She has also been featured on the African Seasoned Speakers Network, as a change-maker contributing towards growth and development of women and children.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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