Here’s What You Need To Know To Record And Publish A Podcast Right On Your Phone

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Ever since the pandemic hit, or maybe even earlier, podcasts have gotten quite popular among students on campus. Podcasts present a unique opportunity to talk to an audience and share thoughts in a way that is modern, accessible and relevant to the current time. Here’s the best part, with how ‘smart’ smartphones are these days, making a podcast on your phone isn’t out of the question. Not at all. In fact, Yaa Adjem, creator of the Frozen Vinegar podcast shares some tips on making your own podcast using just your phone.

Record Your Podcast Episodes After Hours

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If you’re not splurging for a studio (and no one would expect you to if you’re just experimenting) then one problem that you’re definitely going to face is noise. Especially on campus. You won’t be able to record 5 minutes of your podcast episode before someone shouts something stupid right outside your door. What you can do is wait, and then record your episodes after hours. It’s way quieter and you’re definitely going to have way fewer interruptions.

Get A Microphone Or A Good Earpiece

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Even when you’re recording after hours it’s likely that your phone mic is going to pick up some background noise if you’re recording on speaker. According to Yaa, you get by just getting a good earpiece with a mic and using that to record. When you’re done recording, you can edit it with Audacity which is a free audio editing app available on both Windows and Mac OS.

Use To Publish Your Podcast Episodes

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Finally, when it comes to publishing your podcast, should be your go-to, according to Yaa. is a platform from Spotify that not only allows you to record and edit podcasts, but it also allows you to publish your podcast episodes to different platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. One thing you should expect when using Anchor is for it to take about two weeks to a month to get your shows running on all the popular apps because of the review process.



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