Ghanaians Get Over Ghana Card Stress With Dry Jokes

Nana Addo with Ghana Card
Nana Akufo-Addo with his Ghana Card

Whenever something becomes an issue in the country, the initial reaction is an uproar and then the Ghanaian behaviour of making jokes out of everything sets in.

The conversation around the Ghana Card has changed in many ways. First, it started with the government encouraging us to get the cards, then it became an issue of linking it to the National Health Insurance Scheme card. Even the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is also plugging into the Ghana Card system to merge their unique numbers.

The recent conversation about the Ghana Card concerned the re-registration of SIM cards, which will be blocked after March 31, 2022 if they have not been registered using the Ghana Card.

Now, government workers are also being required to get their Ghana Cards or risk losing their salaries starting this December.

Also, another point was the whole GHS 250 cash payment for the card which we now know that you can still get the card for free if you visit these centres.

Now that the conversation has ‘overed’ Ghanaians, they have resulted to humour to make the stress of the Ghana Card a little lighter.

Not the hookups!!!

Please, it’s only you.

It’s free. No plug required.

When you know Ghanaian politicians inside out.

Please, let us know when you find one.

Not happening…

Kuulpeeps left the chat.

‘Sought after’ things.


All jokes aside though, please go and get your Ghana Card.


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