#AdmitThe499: Ghanaians Support Law Students Who Were “Unjustifiably” Denied Admission

Protesting law students. Photo: Kuulpeeps.com

In Ghana, only one institution is given the authority to train people who can practise law in the country.

Though there are several law schools in the country providing the Bachelor of Laws programme as an undergraduate programme, before one can professionally act as a lawyer, the person needs to first complete the Ghana School of Law (GSL).

This means every year, thousands of prospective lawyers sit to write the entrance exam organised by the Ghana School of Law located at Makola in Accra.

Each year, there is an issue about the admissions to the GSL, however, this year’s issue is different from that of previous years.

Initially, students are required to score a cumulative mark of 50 per cent in both sections A and B of the exam.

However, the GSL changed its admission requirement to demand that students must score at least 50 per cent in each of the sections.

This is where the contention is as the students claim that this new entry requirement was not communicated to them before they sat for the exam.

Due to the post-exam change in entry requirement, 499 students were denied admission though they made the cumulative 50 per cent mark. That would have gained them admission with the previous entry requirement.

As a result, the aggrieved students, numbering 499, have chosen to protest and register their displeasure for what they call an “unfair treatment” by the Ghana School of Law.

Others who are sympathetic to their cause have also decided to use their social media platforms to raise awareness of their issue with the hope of encouraging the GSL to admit the 499 students based on the entry requirements that existed when they sat for the exams.

The support is real.

Misplaced priorities?

That’s unfair.

Today is Thursday, however, Red Wednesday every day.


The Makola exam has its issues every year.

On October 20, the 499 students and their supporters will take to the streets to demonstrate because they were denied admission.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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