7 Memes Women With Big Boobs Relate To

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#PinkOctober is all about the education, inclusion and celebration of breasts as more than just sexual organs, but as part of the human body. In celebration of boobs in all its awesomeness and glamour, here are 7 Memes you will relate to, if you have big boobs.

  1. When you are at an event and everyone is complimenting your look, but really you can’t wait to get home and lie down because all you can think of is the backpain you are enduring. Beauty they say, is pain.

2. Ghanaian men are trash, yes, but has your last bra strap ever given up on you, right in the middle of dressing up to go out with the girls? If not, you have never experienced real heartbreak.

3. The button on your shirt, getting ready to leave you on the road, because Accra is too hot and it cannot breathe with all that force stepping on its neck.

4.The calculations that go on in your head wondering if the Trotro is really worth it, when you have to chase it.

5. When people with small boobs start complaining about how they wish their boobs were bigger. “Will you shut up Thelma, you don’t know what you are talking about.”

6. When this is the 30th Ghanaian Man trying to convince you that he is not like the others yet he keeps talking to your boobs instead of looking at your face.

7. There is always someone mistakenly bumping into you and hitting your boobs one way or the other. “Are you blind? I am a whole person, you did not see me?”

Shoutouts to all busty women! You are amazing. Happy #PinkOctober.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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