5 Types Of Delivery Guys We Are Tired Of

Don’t get us wrong, we are grateful for the ability to stay in the comfort of our beds, get breakfast, clothes, appliances, literally anything, delivered to us. So easy. However, some of these delivery guys will have you wishing you had overcome your laziness and just gone to Accra yourself. Here are 5 types of delivery guys we are tired of.

1. The Accra Mayor.

These delivery guys are never patient to listen to your directions. They would interrupt you in the middle of you directing them to your location. The irony is, they ALWAYS get lost and have the audacity to call you with an attitude asking for the actual location. By the time he finds his way, your food will be cold and most likely broken apart.

2. The Ones With Faulty Phones.

“Helew? Helew? Yes please I have a…..erm.. Helew, I have a delivery for you, Helew Madam.” If your delivery guy doesn’t say “Helew” you have to sack him because he is a fake. There is always a delivery guy whose speaker isn’t working properly and so you both have to shout at each other over the phone so he can hear you. Before the food gets to you, you would have used up all your energy.

3. The Ones That Want To Punish You.

You ever take your time to explain and direct a delivery guy to your location, only for him to stand at the junction and expect you to meet him there? If I wanted to leave my house Kofi, I won’t order rice from Instagram when Aunty Esi sells rice at the same junction you have parked at please.

4. The Rude Ones.

Vendors in Accra mostly render services like they are doing you a favour. Meanwhile you are paying a whole arm and leg for said services. You can’t blame them, because Accra is hot and everyone is angry. However, delivery guys have a special place when it comes to their attitude.

5. The Momo Charge Officers.

These ones start by saying they don’t have mobile money, till they realise that is the only payment method you have and they are left with no choice. Magically, they find a momo number for you and INSIST that you add the charges. Why are you telling me to add 1 Cedi when the charge is 0.50p? For someone who doesn’t have mobile money, you sure do know a lot about it.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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