Newly Elected GIJ SRC Prez, Edem Vine Dei-Tutu On How He Hopes To Build An SRC That Empowers Students

Edem Vine Dei-Tutu

Edem Vine Dei-Tutu emerged as the winner of the 2021 Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) SRC presidential elections in an online election held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

He garnered 56.1% out of 881 responses, beating stiff competition from his only contender, Albert Kofi Konadu, who secured 43.9% of the responses.

Edem Vine Dei-Tutu

Edem is currently in his third year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies.

He spoke to Kuulpeeps on what his aspirations are as GIJ SRC President and policies he hopes to undertake during his administration, which are aimed at building an SRC that empowers students.

Edem on why he contested for the position:

My desire to be SRC president is borne out of a genuine passion to help bring solutions to problems around. The whole idea of contributing to societal solutions brings me a lot of joy. It’s the reason I aspired to be who I am today. The good people of GIJ for some time now have had some very persistent problems. It’s my hope to bring solutions to these problems. It’s one of the main reasons why I contested the position of SRC president.

Edem on the policies he hopes to implement:

For starters, the school’s problems are problems that we have looked at and hope to solve. The two most dominant teams problem for GIJ students right now is the accommodation and transport problem. My team and I have drawn some plans that would help curb these problems.

Edem on why his administration is going to be different from previous ones:

We believe that the time is now to look for a lasting solution to these problems. We understand the difficulty in finding solutions to these problems but we also understand the strength and skill and support we possess to solve these. Most importantly, it’s the problem these issues are causing; that’s the motivation. Our policies are shaped to make sure that we leave a legacy after our tenure of office.

Interestingly, we have sat down to analyze the past administrations especially the ones we have seen. The idea is to make notes of the possible mistakes and strides these administrations made. The idea is to be able to navigate these times through the experience gathered from the mistakes of the past while surging on with the passion of creating a greater and better GIJ.

Edem’s vision for GIJ:

My vision for the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) is to have an institute that is a global standard for a communication university. Through a credible and committed Students’ Representative Council (SRC), I envision a university that promotes equality and fairness amongst students of all backgrounds, creeds and orientations. An institute that fosters a better relationship between students and management. More than ever, my resolve, is to see a GIJ that lives by its values of “promoting communication excellence.”

Edem’s message to the GIJ student body:

Fellow students, this is an important time in our student lives. We have an opportunity to rewrite our history. It is my hope that we can do that together. My message which I give to you; contribute your quota into building an effective GIJ SRC. Make the days count.


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