Content Creator Jayberete Answers All Your Questions About Increasing Your Engagement Online

The tallest most immediate hurdle when you’re a content creator is getting people to actually follow your account and interact with your content. How do you make that magical leap from a no engagement account to an account that has people leaving comments, likes and even forwarding posts? To answer those questions, we talk to notorious content creator @jayberete and he lets us in on some of the hacks that will raise the bar on your social media game by a whole lot.

How Can I Get A Hit Post?

Well to get one magical post that soars above the metrics that all the other posts on your account have, a good way to go about it is to create more trendy content. Create content around things that are already trending. Squid Game is trending? Create some Squid Game content and watch those numbers go up like @jayberete‘s.

@jayberete gives another example. Remember Oswald and his ‘Our Day.’ It took over the internet and brands took the opportunity to hop on and get themselves some of that engagement goodness too.

You’ve Heard It Before: Consistency

Consistency is everything. According to @jayberete if you want interaction, post 3 times a week. Usually, that takes some planning and effort but when you don’t and instead post one thing this month and then one thing another month, your numbers will stagnate.

Know Your Audience

Studying your audience means learning your peak times (times when a large number of your following is online). You should also figure out why your audience follows you. What type of content are they expecting from you and what don’t they like? Knowing your audience simply put, helps you optimize your content for engagement.

Post Quality Content

A final tip from @jayberete is to post quality content. The number of things that you’re posting doesn’t matter if no engages with any of it. A hack for creating good quality content according to @jayberete is finding what you do best and giving people quality content. That means finding a niche and making your content relevant to that niche. You also need to learn what type of content works best on all the different platforms. Although some content cuts across some trends and content types are specific to certain platforms.



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