8 Ladies Talk About Whether Or Not They Think Wearing Bras Are Necessary

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On the 13th of October every year, No Bra Day is celebrated worldwide. It encourages women to leave their bras at home and promotes breast cancer awareness. In this spirit, we asked a number of ladies whether or not they think wearing bras every day, especially outside their homes is necessary and these were the responses we got.

1. Emma

Wearing bras every day is just stressful. My back hurts. In some situations, you can’t even wear normal bras because the outfit you’ll be wearing will expose it and so you have to invest in a different type of bra all because you don’t want your nipples to show. I feel like wearing clothes without bras should be made normal. I should be able to feel comfortable wearing an outfit without a bra without thinking about how I will be perceived by men. Bras are meant to hold up your boobs but if I have sagging boobs and I want to wear my outfit without a bra, people shouldn’t make it seem like a taboo. It’s not by force to wear a bra every time. It’s stressful. Honestly.

2. Sophia

I think I have worn a bra so much that, when I’m going out and I don’t wear one, I don’t feel comfortable but you’ll never catch me wearing a bra at home.

3. Charlotte

I think bras are necessary because they make your boobs stand and make them look good in outfits but for people like me, when I wear them for long, I tend to itch a lot and so I have resorted to wearing sports bras instead.

4. Genevieve

To be honest, the only reason why I wear bras is so my nipples will be covered. A lot of ladies wear bras to make their boobs “stand” but mine already have that look and so I don’t think it’s necessary like that.

5. Olivia

I don’t think wearing bras are necessary. It all boils down to comfort for me. I mean if you are comfortable wearing it every day, then fine but my own boobs need air and they don’t get it when it’s stuffed in a bra. People say bras hold the boobs in a certain way and covers the nipples which is true but my boobs aren’t that big and so I can handle them just fine in clothes without wearing a bra. If it comes down to the fact that my nipples are showing, I can use nipple pads to cover them and not necessarily going to get a whole bra to wear.

6. Chantelle

I think the necessity of wearing bras depends on the type of outfit you are wearing, the time of the day and the occasion. For example, I think wearing a bra when going to work is a must.

7. Emefa

I won’t say it is necessary but society has kinda made it so. When a woman walks around without a bra, people – both women and men would find it inappropriate, tag her as someone who is either giving out sexual signals because her nipples might be showing or tag her as someone who is sloppy and doesn’t take good care of herself. Even me, I had those misconceptions because I didn’t feel confident or comfortable leaving home without a bra. When you meet someone and the person’s gaze goes beyond your neck you would be wondering “is my breast dangling or not?” 😅
I like the fact that now it’s not that awkward to walk around without a bra. 😃

8. Annette

I think bras are very unnecessary! They’re very uncomfortable. Plus for me for instance, it doesn’t make any difference when I wear it because my chest is flat. Sometimes it spoils the outfit you’re wearing. For instance, if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt or tank top or off-shoulder and you wear a bra it’s spoils everything but at least now there are strapless bras so that’s that but even strapless bras are expensive. Chale it’s all just stress!

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