5 Guys Tell Us Why They Prefer Boobs Over Butts

Today being no bra day, it’s only appropriate that we talk to some boob lovers out there and try to articulate why exactly it is that boobs make guys as happy as they do. So here goes, 5 guys talk about why they prefer boobs to ass.

1. Joseph, 26 years

“My love for boobs started early. I was in class 5 or 6 and at the time all the boys in my class were all into boobs. We hadn’t really noticed butts yet and when I did notice, I was already a boobs guy. To be honest, they can both be equally appreciated but boobs all the way for me.”

2. Kelvin, 23 years

“Even though ass has good PR, boobs will always be the best! My goodness! The thought of having boobs in your face, whether big or small, is stress-relieving.”

3. James, 28 years

“Ass dier ew. A good shape is great because when you walking away I gotta stare at something. But boobs!! You can play with the nipples, suck and have a sandwich. Options dey with boobs. Tits are more sensitive as well. Boobs dier me aknow sey that might be the end of me so these days I am very careful”

4. Kwame, 25 years

“Actually I like both but I Would always be more moved by pronounced nipples. I guess that makes me more of a boobs person.”

5. Robin, 23 years

“Boobs are sort of weird. Think of it. For no reason the moment you see them you want to suck on, feel the squishy nature and play with them. Boobs are really great stress relievers, to be honest.”

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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