5 Common Myths About Sagging Breasts That Need To Go Away

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Assumptions and misinformation tend to create myths at the end of the day. Myths that can affect the mental health of people even though they are very false. There are a thousand and one myths people truly believe about boobs and today, we are going to bust them and explain what truly is going on in your body.

1. Wearing a bra can prevent sagging

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Sleeping in a bra will not make a girl’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. And it will not stop breasts from growing or cause breast cancer. Wearing a bra while sleeping may boost the growth of fungal infection since it may create moisture around the bosom area. Avoid wearing a bra while sleeping and give your breasts time to breathe.

2. Breastfeeding causes your boobs to sag

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The truth of the matter is that breastfeeding will not affect your breast’s shape or volume. Instead, the ligaments that support a woman’s breasts stretch as breasts get heavier during pregnancy. After pregnancy, even if a woman doesn’t breastfeed, this stretching of the ligaments might contribute to sagging breasts. Technically, pregnancy causes your boobs to sag and not breastfeeding.

3. Exercises prevent sagging of boobs

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Since breasts don’t have muscle, you can’t firm up breast tissue with exercise. However, beneath the breasts are fibrous connective tissue and muscles that can be exercised to improve the overall appearance of your chest. 

4. Small boobs don’t sag

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Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they won’t sag. Nothing is exempt from gravity, no matter the size. Whether or not your breasts sag depends on the ratio of breast tissue to fat.

5. There’s nothing you can do to prevent sagging

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Sagging may be inevitable for many women but you can take steps to at least minimize it. Avoiding smoking and maintaining a healthy weight will help because the more you keep gaining and losing weight, the more extra skin that will be left, which will just sag because it no longer has all that tissue holding it up.

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