Twitter Maps Out The Rich Kids Of Ghana

Nana Saahene Osei. Photo credit: Nana Saahene Osei/Instagram

It seems we are just out there trying to live up to the rich life on the timeline. Days ago, we were reminiscing about how we know people were rich based on what they had at home back in the 90s.

For instance, the wall with the broken glass on top of it, or those with the big DSTV dish, as well as those with the ‘Beware of dogs’ warning sign on their walls or gates.

Today though, Twitter is just being goofy about the rich kids and how dating one is a literal lifesaver.

Commonly referred to as ‘Dbee’ or ‘Dada Ba’, rich kids are very different from the rest of other young people or young people from a more modest background.

While people are commenting about how they want to lockdown ‘dbees’ and get that insurance policy to enjoy life, we are also picking up a few traits of knowing whether a particular individual is a dbee or not.

Case in point – they only know their home and their final destination. No stops, no shortcuts.

Dbee’s use Samsung instead?

They need that puppy.

Hello UCC and UEW… come defend yourselves.

Some are more hustlers than anybody else.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Stamp that passport, baby.

Just show up for your wedding at no cost.

We cannot confirm or deny this, please.

The inhaler is a signature need.

The dbee life is really attractive to a lot of folks out there.


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